Association “Sea veterans”

Association “Sea veterans” was founded in 2007. Now it unites over 300 members.

seek, that old mariner customs would not be forgotten
promote marine business among young people
 support, promote and participate in all events that are related with mariners

organising seminars and gatherings
 organising lectures on maritime topics
interaction with general education and higher education institutions in conducting educational work and preparing lectures about maritime topics
communicating with other region organisations, participation in their events, highlighting the maritime heritage
 association has established insurance fond, which allows members to receive support from association

jūros veteranai

Chairman of the Association

Vytautas Petrulis

Vice-Chairman of the Association

Vilius Kaunietis


The association “Sea veterans” admit people who are or were employed to direct work at sea or organizations whose activities are directly related to the marine industry. Applicants to the membership of the association must submit the relevant application forms with data, copy of the seaman’s book or a social security number.

jūros veteranai

Membership application

Rules and regulations of membership

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“Sea veteran” award

Sign “Marine veteran” is a two level relief pentagon. Its corners symbolize the five oceans and incorporated into a circle – a stylized globe. The top mark in white enamel sailboat – a symbol of maritime careers. Sign “Marine veteran ” will be awarded members, that has worked in sea for at least 12.5 years and having a combined work experience of at least 20 years. Persons are elected by the commission, made ​​up of public organizations : Sea Captains Club, Lithuanian Shipowners’ Association, Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration, Association of the “Sea veterans” representatives.

Association “Sea veterans”

Association code: 300076848

B/A LT51 7300 0101 3220 5482, AB “Swedbank”

Address: Tiltų g. 6, Klaipėda

Phone: 8 614 39799